Rocky 4 Hindi Dubbed 480p BluRay Download
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Rocky 4 Hindi Dubbed 480p BluRay Download


Rocky 4 Hindi Dubbed 480p BluRay Download

Rocky 4 Hindi Dubbed 480p BluRay Download

Quality :- HD

Artist :- Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young

Language :- Hindi

Genres :- Action Drama

Rocky IV is a 1985 American sports drama film written, directed by, and starring  The film co-stars Dolph Lundgren, Burt Young, Talia Shire, Carl Weathers, Tony Burton, Brigitte Nielsen and Michael Pataki. Rocky IV was the highest-grossing sports movie of all time for 24 years, before it was overtaken by The Blind 

In the film, the Soviet Union and its top boxer make an entrance into professional boxing with their best athlete Ivan Drago, who initially  instead but is fatally beaten and killed in the ring by Drago. Enraged, Rocky decides to fight Drago in the Soviet Union to avenge the death of his friend and defend the honor of his country.

Critical reception was mixed, but the film was a huge success at the box office, earning $300 million. While the film marked Carl Weathers' final appearance in the series, his character would still be referenced in each subsequen backstory to the plot of Creed II, where Apollo Creed's son, Adonis, is challenged to fight Drago's son, Viktor. A director's cut of the film, entitled Rocky IV: Rocky Vs Drago, was released on November 11, 2021 in theaters, before releasing on digital the following day.

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