My Clients Wife 2020 720p Download
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My Clients Wife 2020 720p Download


My Clients Wife 2020 720p Download

My Clients Wife 2020 720p Download

My Client’s Wife is a very bad film. For 95 of its 100 minutes, it plays out as a tacky, stagey, 80s-cringe thriller – where a lawyer (Sharib Hashmi) investigates the shady wife (Anjali Patil) of a client (Abhimanyu Singh) who has been jailed for attempting to kill her – and then offers up a final “twist” that is designed solely to justify why the film looked so tacky all along. I can almost imagine the makers claiming to deliberately have made a bad film (“method filmmaking”) to throw the viewer off guard, but then that’s like me saying I put on weight before the pandemic only so that I could lose weight and look cool for nobody during the lockdown. 

The same incident is narrated several times over from different perspectives – by the imprisoned husband, the scarred wife, the horny watchman and the sneaky gardener. At any point, one of the characters seems to be lurking around the spacious house, looking behind curtains and walking slowly enough for the film to stretch past the hour mark to qualify as a feature-length production. Everyone in the film looks suspiciously at the lawyer; the camera zooms in on them and the background score acts as if it has spotted who Keyser Soze was in The Usual Suspects. 

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