Another Life Filmyzilla Season 02 Dual Audio Hindi
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Another Life Filmyzilla Season 02 Dual Audio Hindi

Another Life Filmyzilla Season 02 Dual Audio Hindi

Series Name :- Another Life Filmyzilla Season 02 Dual Audio Hindi 480p 720p HD Download Filmywap

Quality :- HDRip

Artist :- Katee Sackhoff, Jake Abel, Samuel Anderson

Language :- Hindi

Genres :- Drama Sci-Fi

With only hours left until the invasion, the crew of the Salvare discover that the Achaians they have been fighting are artificial lifeforms and come up with a plan to infect them with a computer virus based on human DNA created by William. Niko allows herself to become the host to a dying Achaian and carries it to the Artifact where the Achaians take Niko and Cas prisoner. 

Taking the form of multiple people, the Achaians reveal that they had never intended to have peace with humanity, seeing the human race as a cancer that will spread into the universe if they aren't stopped. Before Niko and Cas can be killed, the virus takes effect and they escape as the Artifact implodes. 

The surviving Achaian Rings retreat from the solar system in time for William to stop the Salvare's course into the Sun. The solar system is bombarded with messages from numerous other races that are revealed to be gratitude for stopping the Achaians. Using Achaian technology, William is able to project his image through a wormhole to Earth and believes that they will be able to build him a physical form eventually. 

Now knowing that they aren't the only life in the universe, another mission is launched sometime later on the Salvare 2 to expand the horizons of humanity and make contact with other species.

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