JL 50 Web Series All Seasons 480p
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JL 50 Web Series All Seasons 480p


JL 50 Web Series All Seasons 480p

JL 50 Web Series All Seasons 480p 

Quality :- HDRip

Artist :- Abhay Deol, Ritika Anand, Rohit Basfore, Amrita Chattopadhyay

Language :- Hindi

Genres :- Drama

Shantanu, a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officer is called in to investigate a plane crash in a remote area of West Bengal. News flashes that a militant group has hijacked a plane with many dignitaries. Initially, CBI suspects that the crashed plane is the same one that has been hijacked. However, Shantanu and his colleague Gaurango are baffled to find that the crashed plane is Flight JL50, which went missing 35 years ago. When many evidences try to show that the plane is actually 35 years old, Shantanu still feels that this has been somehow staged. During the crash, the cockpit breaks from the main plane and crashes separately having two survivors; rest all passengers died . The two survivors are a pilot Bihu Ghosh and professor Biswajit Chandra Mitra. When Bihu wakes up, she is surprised to see the whole world has changed; the new cars on the road and the small handy gadget through which the nurse talks (mobile phone). Mitra is jubilant and demands celebration and since doctors assume he is mentally unstable, they sedate him.

Shantanu finds information about Mitra, his works as professor and his inclination towards the communist ideology. He visits his home for enquiry and finds plan drawings of plane in Mitra's old files. Through one of the University professor, he comes to know that Mitra was working on a "Project A". Centuries ago when Emperor Ashoka witnessed the Kalinga War, he was deeply moved by it and adopted non-violent Buddhism, he used to call it DhammaVijaya . He collected all the information on science and technology which he felt were harmful if left with mankind and buried them. One such secret was of time-travel on which Mitra's father was working since the British era. However, post independence, his funding were reduced and Mitra continued his work further. Shantanu gets info that Subroto Das was Mitra's assistant and confidant.

Episodes List In Season 1

  • 2020 Indian television series debuts
  • Indian science fiction television series
  • Hindi-language web series
  • Television series about time travel
  • Suspense-fiction Adventure

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